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Improving time to value for quantum investment.

PQIC Labs will accelerate a scalable and inclusive regional quantum innovation collaboration environment in order to establish Greater Washington as a top five quantum-ready region in five years by market size. It will be a coordinated, collaborative, and inclusive construct engaging all relevant regional and global stakeholders, including quantum asset owners, domain, industry, and investment organizations across key industry sectors (Life Sciences; Energy and Environment; Transportation and Space Tech; and National Security) and quantum domains (computing, sensing, materials, and communications).


Across the program, we're focused on three key drivers of success: speed, scale, and inclusivity. 

Why PQIC Labs?

There is great opportunity for dialogue, network building, pre-competitive collaboration, and joint research and innovation efforts among industry stakeholders and applied researchers to accelerate the value of quantum for our region. However, many organizations and industry SMEs are hindered in preparing for early quantum adoption and positioning for market success due to perceived high entry costs in terms of resources and access to technology and talent. Multiple major research institutions and industry stakeholders in our region host specialized equipment and expertise critical for research and development in quantum computing, sensing, communications, and materials. Today, however, each institution generally purchases its own equipment at great expense, is often unable to efficiently use the equipment leading to under-utilization, faces financial opportunity costs from not offering access to external principal investigators (PIs), and also misses out on developing collaborative research funding opportunities and innovation that would come with increased exchange and engagement between specialists. The DMV is uniquely positioned to pool resources and talent to emerge as the top region for translating R&D investments into impactful and socially responsible solutions in key high-growth regional sectors including life sciences, energy and environment, transportation and space tech, and national security.  

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We're focused on three key drivers across PQIC Labs. Learn about them, below



Speed is critical to accelerate innovation and real-world solutions in Greater Washington and achieve our region's full potential of dynamic leadership and economic competitiveness in quantum.



If Greater Washington is to coalesce and network the many institutions and talent assets in the region to create a thriving ecosystem supporting and enabling innovation and economic development and lowering the cost and risk associated with the move towards quantum, programs must be delivered at scale.



Inclusivity is at the core of PQIC's programs because it is key to achieving equitable regional growth and development. An inclusive workforce and equitable industry approach will drive more diversity of thought and innovation through quantum solutions that work for all communities.

About PQIC Labs

PQIC aims to have Greater Washington be recognized as a top five quantum-ready region in five years by market size. We will establish PQIC Labs to accelerate a scalable and inclusive regional quantum innovation collaboration environment. PQIC Labs will industrialize quantum innovation through building a coordinated regional open innovation platform using shared infrastructure to spur the next wave of applications, solutions, companies, and IP. To do this, PQIC Labs will establish a Regional Shared Infrastructure and establish Quantum for DMV (Q4DMV) Cohort.

The Regional Shared Infrastructure, with formalized governance mechanisms, will provide access to equipment, resources, capabilities, and expertise spurring net-new IP development and value generation benefitting all communities. The Q4DMV Cohort will drive improved time-to-value for investment and better risk mitigation for focus industries and key quantum domains. In doing so, PQIC Labs will improve quantum preparedness, adoption, and innovation activities nationally and globally.

PQIC Labs' Goals

Establish a 100-node shared open infrastructure platform for quantum innovation by 2023.

Apply $20 million of new quantum funding to launch 100 new quantum innovations in the DMV (start-ups, applications, inventions, and IP) by 2025.

Enlist 100 cohort members across industry, academia, and other major R&D institutions by 2023.

Develop 100 shared collaborations that advance quantum innovation by 2025.

Triple the number of organizations investing in quantum R&D in PQIC target industries by 2025.

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About the Regional Shared Infrastructure

PQIC Labs will establish a Regional Shared Infrastructure that will centralize key regional quantum resources such as machines, hardware, software, expertise, research, and IP across industry and research institutions (or “nodes”). This network of nodes will foster the growth of innovative partnerships between institutions and talent and provide a mechanism for reducing costs associated with innovation for firms, entrepreneurs, and researchers rich with ideas but lacking necessary access to equipment and expertise. To facilitate shared access, PQIC Labs will establish inter-institutional governance, business, IP/legal, administrative, and operational arrangements. PQIC Labs will maintain an inventory of regional assets and capabilities as well as identify potential joint research funding pursuits.


The pilot will initially create nodes at a few major universities and FFRDCs and focus on hardware for quantum sensing and materials—two emerging technology areas with a significant bench of regional assets, capabilities, experts, IP development, and potential customers across industry and the federal government. The Regional Shared Infrastructure will be the foundational basis of PQIC Labs and will accelerate and increase value from collaborative regional quantum innovations.

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About the Quantum for DMV Cohorts (Q4DMV)

In partnership with regional industry association and business network partners, PQIC Labs will establish public-private-academia Q4DMV Cohorts to develop an informed innovation loop to accelerate quantum value-to-market and help domain experts conduct pre-competitive dialogue, identify collaboration opportunities, and lay the groundwork to prepare for the coming quantum transformation. These cohorts will raise awareness of near-term, high-potential quantum use cases; develop, maintain, and continually reassess high-impact needs and priorities that can be addressed by quantum; and prioritize joint R&D projects.


Cohort participants will help to identify potential for regional, multi-stakeholder, and cross-sector partnerships to create an informed loop between applied research, technology development, and industry needs, and potentially develop shared quantum infrastructure and co-innovation efforts across talent development, research, test beds, and projects. Potential cohort outputs include common taxonomies, libraries of assets and potential near-term solutions and use-cases, established joint engagement protocols, test bed capabilities, prioritized needs, and prioritized solution RFPs. The Quantum for Life Sciences (Q4LS) Cohort has already been launched in partnership with the Maryland Tech Council.  

Q4DMV Cohorts

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Quantum for Life Sciences Cohort


Quantum for Energy & Environment Cohort

Quantum for Transportation & Space Tech Cohort


Quantum for National Security Cohort

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