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Life Sciences and Healthcare Quantum Innovation Hub

The potential of quantum science to revolutionize healthcare and life sciences is undeniable. 

But translating this potential into tangible benefits requires a collaborative effort – a dedicated space where brilliant minds from diverse backgrounds can come together to unlock the power of quantum technologies.

Under the Economic Development Authority’s Economic Adjustment Assistance program, a ‘Life Sciences & Healthcare Innovation Hub’ was submitted and awarded for a planning and pilot grant to accelerate the next generation of quantum-enabled life sciences and healthcare industries in “DNA Alley” and Greater Washington via a use-inspired & industry cohort-driven innovation hub. 

Through extensive research, insightful interviews with key players, and interactive workshops, we embarked on a journey to explore the landscape of quantum innovation in life sciences. This research-driven approach yielded invaluable insights. We heard the challenges and opportunities from leading researchers, industry experts, and policymakers. We brainstormed new ideas, identified concrete applications, and outlined the critical elements for success in collaborative workshops.


One conclusion was clear: a dedicated quantum Innovation Hub for Life Sciences is not just desirable, it's essential.

Here's why:

Shared Resources & Accelerated Progress

Centralized access to cutting-edge technologies, expertise, and networks that reduce costs and empower a wider range of innovators.

A Magnet for Innovation

The Hub attracts top talent and investment, that creates a critical mass of expertise to propel quantum life sciences innovation and commercialization.

Ethical & Responsible Development

We work with industry, academia, and regulators to create clear frameworks for integrating quantum technologies in life sciences, ensuring responsible advancements.

Breakthroughs for Better Health

The Hub fosters collaboration between physicists, engineers, and life scientists, accelerating the translation of theoretical quantum advancements into practical applications for improved health outcomes.

The Broader Impact

Improved Public Health:

Early detection, personalized treatments, and better health outcomes contribute to a healthier society and reduced healthcare costs.

Economic Growth:

Job creation, new companies, and economic prosperity through groundbreaking advancements.

Democratized Healthcare:

Quantum technologies have the potential to make personalized medicine and preventative care accessible to everyone.

Ethical Stewardship:

We prioritize responsible development, ensuring quantum technology serves the greater good.


Current Challenges
with Quantum Solutions

Drug Discovery:

Expensive trial-and-error processes can be revolutionized by quantum simulations, accelerating the path to life-saving medications.

Protein Folding:

Quantum algorithms hold the key to deciphering this intricate dance, opening doors to targeted therapies and personalized medicine.

Medical Imaging:

Quantum sensors offer unparalleled sensitivity and resolution, promising breakthroughs in early disease detection and real-time monitoring.

Join us in unlocking the immense potential of quantum life sciences.

 Explore the Hub, discover groundbreaking research, and be part of the future of healthcare.


Dr. Lara Jehi

Chief Research Information Officer, Cleveland Clinic Foundation

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George Thomas


Connected DMV

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Matthew Versaggi, PhD

Technical Advisor, Quantum Innovation Hub for Life Sciences

John Yesawich-2.png


John Yesawich

VP Federal Government, Connected DMV

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In partnership with regional industry association and business network partners, PQIC Quantum Innovation Hubs will establish public-private-academia Hubs to develop an informed innovation loop to accelerate quantum value-to-market and help domain experts conduct pre-competitive dialogue, identify collaboration opportunities, and lay the groundwork to prepare for the coming quantum transformation. These cohorts will raise awareness of near-term, high-potential quantum use cases; develop, maintain, and continually reassess high-impact needs and priorities that can be addressed by quantum; and prioritize joint R&D projects. Check out our other Quantum Innovation Hub efforts in the DMV. 

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