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Quantum Growth Sectors

Across all its programs, the Potomac Quantum Innovation Center is focused on four key growth sectors that are strong high-growth industries in the region with significant opportunities in quantum ahead.

Life Sciences

Energy & Environment

Transportation & Space Tech

National Security

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Life Sciences

Exploring Quantum Use Cases for Life Sciences

Exploring Quantum Use Cases for Healthcare

Exploring Quantum Use Cases for Manufacturing

Quantum Makes Inroads in Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Quantum Makes Inroads Towards Pharma

Will Quantum Transform Biopharma R&D?

Quantum Computers Will Help Us

Life Science Companies Begin Quantum Evaluation

Startups Using Quantum for Drug Discovery

2021 Could Be The Year of Quantum Drug Discovery

Is Quantum Pharma's Next Big Disruptor?

Drug Development's Future with Quantum

Top 20+ Quantum Use Cases in 2021


Energy & Environment

How Quantum Could Redefine the Power Industry

Use Cases of Quantum in the Energy Industry

A Quantum Leap for Energy & Power

Quantum Applications for the Energy Industry


Going Atomic Scale with Quantum in the Power Sector

How Quantum Could Beat Climate Change

What are Quantum Materials in Energy?

A Quantum Advantage in Fighting Climate Change


Transportation & Space Tech

Better Commuting Through Quantum

How Quantum Computers are Transforming Travel

Exploring Quantum Use Cases for Airlines

NASA: Quantum Computer Project


Intelligent Traffic Control with Quantum Computers

Quantum Transforming the Logistics Industry

How Quantum Can Cut Down Supply Chain & Transform Logistics

Quantum Computing Can Reshape Our Physical Infrastructure

Using Quantum Computing to Go into Space

National Security

Impact of Quantum on National Security

Quantum: A National Security Primer

National Security in a Quantum World

National Security Prep for Quantum Threats

National Security

The Leap into Quantum Technology

Quantum Must Be a National Security Priority

National Strategic Overview for Quantum

US National Labs Best for Quantum Research

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