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Pathways to Quantum

Summer Immersion Program


JUNE 26 - JULY 19, 2024

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Program Overview

In partnership with area K-12 public school systems, Connected DMV’s Potomac Quantum Innovation Center (PQIC) and George Mason’s Quantum Science and Engineering Center (QSEC) are excited to invite rising high school seniors to participate in the Pathways to Quantum Summer Immersion Program for 2024.  This experiential learning program provides students from around Greater Washington with a basic understanding of quantum and of the opportunities for industry careers available in this area. We will be selecting rising high school seniors from across the DMV to participate.


The program will provide students with an introduction to quantum via a virtual course, followed by a week-long in-person experience visiting workplaces engaged in different parts of the quantum ecosystem including business and marketing, communications, policy, research, and more. Previous sites included IonQ, The MITRE Corporation, George Mason University, and the University of Maryland, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, and George Washington University.

The summer program will be free of charge for students, including room and board at George Mason University for the in-person week and a $500 stipend upon completion of the program. Students will learn about the fundamentals of quantum, receive two online credentials, and discover how this emerging technology is poised to change the world. 

For questions or additional information, please contact

2024 Applicants

Selected students for the 2024 Pathways to Quantum Program have been notified. Thank you to everyone that applied! 

Program Schedule

June 26th - July 10th

Virtual Course: Quantum Discovery For Students

The first segment begins a virtual course that includes asynchronous work giving students an introduction to the science behind quantum and an understanding of the organizations they will be visiting. The course requires roughly six hours with a short multiple-choice quiz at the end. Once the initial two week virtual course is completed, students will receive the PQIC Introductory Badge that can be listed on a resume or LinkedIn profile. 

July 14th - July 19th 

In-Person Camp: Quantum Explorer For Students

The second segment begins on July 14th, when students attend a week long, overnight camp at George Mason University's campus in Fairfax County. The 5-days will include site visits to companies, nonprofit think tanks, government agencies and universities around the region as well as follow up on the virtual quantum learning and fun evening activities. Once the in-person week is completed, students will receive the PQIC Pioneer Badge that can be listed on a resume or LinkedIn profile. 


Students must be available for all of the days. Room, meals, and daily transportation to-and-from local sights will be provided. A stipend will also be provided for successful completion of the first two segments of this program. 

Additional Opportunities

GMU Internship

After the week long immersion segment ends on July 19th, there is an additional opportunity for a three-week paid internship. This internship is optional and dependent on the intersection of student interest and company or laboratory need.  

Quantum World Congress

The cohort will be invited to take part in an optional summer project culminating in showcasing their work and sharing their experience in the program at the Quantum World Congress (QWC) on September 9-11, 2024 at Capital One Hall in Tysons, VA. 

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Introductory Badge Overview

The first part of the program will be an opportunity to learn (virtually) about quantum through the Pathways to Quantum Badging Program. Students will earn an introduction to quantum badge, the Quantum Discovery for Students via our partner Credly.


Credly is an organization that issues digital credentials (or badges) to officially recognize individuals for demonstrated competencies and skills. These badges can be shared digitally on resumes and LinkedIn with the user able to manage multiple badges from their Credly account and others able to view what competencies the badge demonstrates. The Quantum Discovery for Students PQIC badge will be issued by Credly for completing the virtual course. 

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Pioneer Badge Overview

The Pioneer Badge is the second level of the Pathways to Quantum Badging Program. The Quantum Explorer for Students will be awarded for students building on their foundational knowledge and applying it in participatory and experiential ways. The badge will be awarded to participants in the in-person immersion portion of the program which takes place from July 14-19 and gives students an opportunity to explore quantum first hand. Subsequent badges will follow that build on and deepen students’  knowledge, understanding, and engagement in quantum.

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