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Pathways to Quantum

Summer Immersion Program


2023 DATES

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Program Overview

The George Mason University Quantum Science and Engineering Center and the Potomac Quantum Innovation Center are excited to invite rising high school seniors to participate in the Pathways to Quantum Summer Immersion Program. Join peers from around the Greater Washington region and participate in a week-long job shadowing opportunity. Learn about quantum and STEM-related careers with leading research universities and industry leading organizations. 

The summer program is free of charge and will provide interested and promising students the chance to experience career and educational opportunities in quantum. Students will learn about the fundamentals of quantum, receive two online credentials, and discover how this emerging technology is poised to change the world. 

Stay tuned for more information on the Summer 2023 Pathways to Quantum Summer Immersion Program.

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Introductory Badge Overview

The first part of the program will be an opportunity to learn (virtually) about quantum through the Pathways to Quantum Badging Program. Students will earn an introduction to quantum badge, the Quantum Discovery for Students via our partner Credly.


Credly is an organization that issues digital credentials (or badges) to officially recognize individuals for demonstrated competencies and skills. These badges can be shared digitally on resumes and LinkedIn with the user able to manage multiple badges from their Credly account and others able to view what competencies the badge demonstrates. The Quantum Discovery for Students PQIC badge will be issued by Credly for completing the virtual course. 

Program Schedule

Monday, July 11th:

George Mason University

Welcome & Orientation

Tuesday, July 12th:

MITRE Corporation

Site Visit

Wednesday, July 13th:

University of Maryland College Park

Site Visit

Thursday, July 14th:

Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

Site Visit

The George Washington University

Site Visit

Friday, July 15th:

George Mason University

Group Activities & Reflections

Summer Project Kick-Off

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Pioneer Badge Overview

The Pioneer Badge is the second level of the Pathways to Quantum Badging Program. The Quantum Explorer for Students will be awarded for students building on their foundational knowledge and applying it in participatory and experiential ways. The badge will be awarded to participants in the in-person immersion portion of the program which takes place from July 11-15 and gives students an opportunity to explore quantum first hand. Subsequent badges will follow that build on and deepen students’  knowledge, understanding, and engagement in quantum.

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