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Quantum ready



Imagining a quantum-ready region now.

Imagine hyper-accurate long-term weather forecasting delivered in sufficient time to move our families to safety. Imagine the possibility of new life-saving drugs discovered through faster analysis of complex molecules. Imagine the impact on climate change using new carbon-capturing materials and long-lasting batteries for green energy. Imagine new supply chain and logistics data management and modeling and what it could mean for issues like hunger and food waste. Imagine a world where we can simulate live models of natural systems such as photosynthesis and eventually consciousness. Right now, it's hard to imagine a quantum-empowered future — but the future is within reach.

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Accelerating innovation & impact from the DMV.

Greater Washington—with its rich foundation of talent, resources, assets, and stakeholders—is poised to lead our nation and the world into the quantum era. However, the region lacks a mechanism to bring these scattered efforts together to accelerate quantum ecosystem formation. By integrating these efforts, Connected DMV has set out on an ambitious path to make the region the premier hub for the next generation of quantum leadership, innovation, and economic development across quantum computing, sensing, communications, and materials.

PQIC’s mission is to prepare for the future by bringing together Greater Washington's quantum stakeholders across borders and sectors to drive innovation, talent development, economic growth, and positive social impact.

PQIC aims to have Greater Washington be recognized as a top five quantum-ready region in five years by market size and talent pool.

PQIC will help prepare 10,000 women and people of color in our region to join the quantum workforce by 2030.

PQIC will industrialize quantum innovation by networking regional institutions through a shared platform to spur the next wave of applications, solutions, companies, and IP.


At the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, D.C. from November 29-December 1, leaders from around the world will gather to spotlight the transformational impact quantum science and technology will have across global industry, government, and society. The Quantum World Congress will establish Greater Washington as the go-to destination and meeting place for quantum technology visionaries, policymakers, researchers, business and investment leaders, and students and will showcase major trends in quantum solutions, research, education, workforce, thought leadership, policy, business and investment.

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Pillars of innovation.

To achieve maximum regional impact, PQIC's work is rooted in five pillars supporting four key regional industry growth sectors: life sciences and healthcare; energy and environment; national security and cybersecurity; and transportation, logistics, and space technology.


Education & Workforce

Attract, develop, and retain quantum talent across Greater Washington


Research & Development

Facilitate innovation via a regional open networked platform of technologies, expertise, research, and IP


Market Acceleration

Accelerate regional quantum venture development, market adoption, and investment via an informed loop between funders, builders, and buyers


Policy & Standards

Serve as a focal point for national quantum policy, legal, regulatory, standards, and supply chain expertise


Funding & Marketing

Establish Greater Washington as a beacon for investment and convening

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Together, we can make a quantum leap.

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Building a quantum-ready workforce in Greater Washington

PQIC aims to have Greater Washington be recognized as a top-five quantum-ready region in five years by talent pool. To accelerate a scalable and inclusive regional quantum talent pipeline, the PQIC Academy will drive increased awareness, education, and engagement of K-14 students to pursue quantum careers; and will enable a cadre of key industry and public sector executives with the knowledge and tools to prepare their sectors, organizations, and workforces for the coming quantum transformation.


PQIC Academy is partnering with Credly, a digital credentials agency, to provide curricula and experiential learning experiences so that emerging talent and executives in the DMV can gain awareness, foundational knowledge, and basic skills on quantum. PQIC Academy will develop the regional quantum talent pipeline through structured training programs along two tracks: Talent and Leadership.

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Improving time to value for
quantum investment

PQIC Labs will accelerate a scalable and inclusive regional quantum innovation collaboration environment. The DMV has deep capabilities and assets across the quantum ecosystem in academia, research, government, and industry institutions. PQIC Labs will industrialize quantum innovation through building a coordinated regional open innovation platform using shared infrastructure to spur the next wave of applications, solutions, companies, and IP. To do this, PQIC Labs will establish a Regional Shared Infrastructure and Quantum for DMV (Q4DMV) Cohorts.

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Quantum mechanics explains how the universe works at a sub-atomic level. The first quantum revolution enabled the invention of the laser and transistor, the basic building block of computers, and devices were built following the rules of quantum mechanics. Today, the second quantum revolution focuses on controlling individual quantum systems, such as charged molecules, to a greater extent than before, enabling more powerful applications of quantum information. 

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Advances in our understanding of quantum mechanics has led to an understandable need to classify how we’re conducting research, developing solutions, and deepening our understanding in various fields. This classification is what we're calling Quantum Domains:  quantum computing, quantum sensing, quantum materials, and quantum communications.


The promise of quantum through computing, sensing, materials, and communications will impact all major traditional sectors and industries. PQIC completed an assessment of major industries in the region that will face the first wave of impact and selected four to focus on: Life Sciences, Energy & Environment, Transportation & Space Technology, and National Security.

Key Collaborators

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