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Together, we'll build a quantum-ready workforce in Greater Washington.

Quantum Academy's mission is to attract, develop, and retain diverse quantum talent across Greater Washington. In collaboration with our regional education partners, we will help prepare 10,000 women and people of color in our region to join the quantum workforce by 2030. Additionally, Quantum Academy will help inform 200 public sector and industry executives of the opportunities and challenges presented by the quantum transformation by 2023, leading to increased investment and workforce development. 


Across the program, we're focused on three key drivers of success: speed, scale, and inclusivity. 

Why Quantum Academy?

Quantum encompasses diverse fields such as computing, sensing, communications, and materials and will fundamentally change key industries (such as life sciences, energy and environment, transportation and space tech, and national security) and shape new ones, requiring a much-expanded workforce in the years ahead. As is true with any disruptive innovation, executives across key industry and public sector organizations lack sufficient knowledge of the coming quantum transformation and the implications for their missions, markets, workforces, and operations. Developing a quantum-ready workforce in the DMV requires focus on two often-overlooked areas in current quantum education and workforce discussions: early-stage educational preparedness and executive awareness. The time is now for an integrated regional program to increase the speed, scale, and inclusivity of talent production and leadership outreach to prepare our region for the quantum era. 

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We're focused on three key drivers across Quantum Academy. Learn about them, below



Speed is critical to accelerate innovation and real-world solutions in Greater Washington and achieve our region's full potential of dynamic leadership and economic competitiveness in quantum.



If Greater Washington is to coalesce and network the many institutions and talent assets in the region to create a thriving ecosystem supporting and enabling innovation and economic development and lowering the cost and risk associated with the move towards quantum, programs must be delivered at scale.



Inclusivity is at the core of PQIC's programs because it is key to achieving equitable regional growth and development. An inclusive workforce and equitable industry approach will drive more diversity of thought and innovation through quantum solutions that work for all communities.

About Quantum Academy

PQIC aims to have Greater Washington be recognized as a top 5 quantum-ready region in 5 years by talent pool. To accelerate a scalable and inclusive regional quantum talent pipeline, we will establish the Quantum Academy to expand the funnel of youth interested in pursuing quantum careers and a cadre of regional executives who are equipped with the knowledge and tools to prepare their organizations and workforces for the coming quantum transformation. Quantum Academy will collaborate with the K-14 community and regional business associations to develop mini-credentials for training courses and experiential learning experiences so that emerging talent and executives in the DMV can gain quantum skills and foundational knowledge to apply in the near future. In partnership with Credly, a digital credentials agency, the Quantum Academy will develop the DMV regional quantum talent pipeline through structured training programs along two tracks: Talent and Leadership. 



The Program

K-12 work-based and experiential learning opportunities, as well as stackable quantum basics courses.

The Result

PQIC will help prepare 10,000 women and people of color in our region to join the quantum workforce by 2030.


Quantum Academy will work with industry, academia, and non-profit partners to collate, develop, and share basic tutorials on quantum technology, applications, implications for society, and career pathways to grow the regional talent pipeline and equip youth with high-impact capabilities and skills desired by industry partners. PQIC will develop the K-12 offerings in close coordination with major regional public school districts and charter schools, with an emphasis on facilitating linkages and opportunities with industry partners. 

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The Program

Quantum awareness courses targeted to industry and public sector executives.

The Result

Quantum Academy aims to help inform 200 public sector and industry executives of the opportunities and challenges presented by the quantum transformation by 2023, leading to increased investment and workforce development. 


Quantum Academy will help raise awareness among key leaders to accelerate planning, investment, programming, and partnership timelines to better prepare organizations and workforces for these changes. PQIC will develop the executives offerings in close coordination with regional technology and business association partners such as the Maryland Tech Council. 

About Pathways to Quantum Summer Immersion Program

The George Mason University Quantum Science and Engineering Center and the Potomac Quantum Innovation Center invite rising high school seniors to participate in the Pathways to Quantum Summer Immersion Program. Join peers from around the Greater Washington region and participate in a week-long job shadowing opportunity to learn about quantum and STEM-related careers with leading research universities and industry leading organizations. 

The summer program is free of charge and provides interested and promising students the chance to experience career and educational opportunities in quantum. Students will learn about the fundamentals of quantum, receive two online credentials, and discover how this emerging technology is poised to change the world. ​The 2023 Pathways to Quantum Summer Immersion Program online application is due April 28, 2023, and students can expect to hear back via email by May 15, 2023.

Learn about the Pathways to Quantum Summer Immersion Program, below

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